High quality, fine and round scent, balancing taste, are the strengths of Grappa Frattina.



These properties are achieved through two main steps: the first is related to the choice of marcs and the process of distillation, followed directly by one of the most important experts of the field, and the second represents the completion of the production process: the bottling.



After selecting the marc, it is scanned in order to meet the strict criteria, to ensure the state hygienically healthy and perfectly traceable, both in terms of origin and grape variety. Thanks to the excellent raw materials and a refined process of preservation, Grappasystem, the company has created a new concept of Grappa.


Grappasystem is a machine that allows to maintain the marc always fresh and ready for the distillation. A revolutionary machine that is able to put the marc just picked up into special containers, called “big bags” made of plastic food material. The marcs are processed with the addition of yeasts and acidity regulators and subsequently pressed with a thrusy of 100 atmospheres. Thanks to this system, the marc can fermented and perseve for several months without changing its characteristics. In addition, the marcs are put into sacks according to their origin. This solution allows the maximum traceability of the raw material.



Distillation is a process which allows to separate the alcohol from flavourings, using different temperatures, the boiling of the various evaporable compounds present in the raw material. This process occurs through the use of stills, both continuous and discontinuous. To distill, the heat is used which is emitted by generators of water vapour created within the stills. The Master Distiller, must be able to intervene on the check of distillation in order to obtain the highest quality. The process is completed through the refinement of the distillte inside bins. This stage, as much important and delicate, is made by the experts of the quality control of Fratelli Averna.


* The bottled distillate, is then distributed in Italy and abroad. It is arguable that Grappa Frattina is a controlled and guaranteed product from the first phase: from the harvest to the production process, the marcs are studied and followed with care in every stage.

* Photo by Cesare Gerolimetto.