Single grape Grappa

Distilled from specific varieties of grapes, with their primary aromatic character. To this category belong all the Grappa Frattina.


Blend Grappa

Obtained by blending different marcs distillates coming from different grape varieties.


Young Grappa

Bottled without being in contact with the wood.


Refined Grappa

Matured for at least 6 months in wooden barrels or 12 months in different cases of different material.


Aged Grappa

Ageing at least 1 year in wood, acquiring considerably different characteristics, compared with those found in the burth stage; this is owed to the fact that the primary aromas are replaced with tertiary aromas because of the ageing type. The grappa is defined Riserva when is aged in wood at least 18 months.


Flavored Grappa

Obtained from the direct infusion of an officinal herb or by the addition of hydroalcoholic infusion that gives a special aroma to the distillate.